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Natural Persuasion

Dear Friend,


Does your line of work demand a strong ability to change the beliefs of others, or often require you to interact with 'resistant' or 'difficult' personality types?

If so, then naturally you are aware of the real challenges professionals often face when communicating with the general public. Convincing others of the value of your services, getting clients to follow through on recommendations, securing repeat business and ongoing referrals--these can all be critical points of concern, especially if you are new to your field.


My name is John Bridges. I’ve worked as a specialist in persuasion for many years, both as a hypnotherapist in private practice and as a corporate trainer. I've helped hundreds of clients and trained thousands of people in how to communicate persuasively in ways

Natural Persuasion

that are not only undeniably effective, but just as importantly, preserve one's personal integrity. The persuasion model I developed has already been used in the successful sales and marketing campaigns of several Fortune 500 companies. .


But I believe the "secrets" of persuasion belong most in the hands of professionals with an honest desire to help others.


I did not enter into my line of work simply to make money. That was never my intent, and never will be. Of course, I don't know you yet, so I cannot know what your own motivations are. My hope is that you are like me in at least one important way--You want to make a great income while helping others through work you truly enjoy and believe in.


We can help you produce more and measurably clearer results in your work with other people.


Throughout the years, I have taken what I have learned from an intensive study of hypnosis and persuasion and I've distilled those ideas into a unified, practical model of influence. This approach is so potent, in fact, that for salespeople, it allows them to close prospects almost 'at will'. For example, one salesperson who I trained over the last year, and who regularly uses these approaches, recently reported that she has a 98% close ratio! What is better is that this model not only helps a person 'turn a sale', but ensures customers and clients keep coming back for repeat business over and over again. It's an ethical model of influence that when applied to healing practices, helps doctors and therapists create powerful and lasting positive change in others. Because the model is founded on the necessity of establishing clearer and more effective communication with others, these principles and skills will also help a person forge deeper connections with others and transform their own personal relationships. This model has been test-driven and proven, time and time again, in a variety of real-world situations where ego means nothing and success or failure are rapidly defined. There are no untested theories here. No cheesy sales clichés, slick one-liners, or hokey anecdotal opinions. Just a deep and unique understanding of the persuasion process and what truly works.


At our two-day workshop, Natural Persuasion--Powerful Approaches to Effortless Influence, you will learn precision strategies and techniques that have impressed entrepreneurs, doctors, therapists, brokers, top salespeople, and professionals from all over the country and a variety of backgrounds. This workshop is not for everyone--just those who want to create incredible results with others by learning the hidden code and secret language of influence. I strongly encourage you to now make the decision to attend. When you attend and actively apply what you learn, you will begin to see positive results immediately. We guarantee it.


With Best Wishes and Great Respect,

John Bridges, CH, CPEH
CEO, Natural Persuasion Technologies



Take advantage of our special offers and secure your seat now


Natural Persuasion


Powerful Approaches to Effortless Influence


A two day, life-changing event! Cutting-edge training for private practitioners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals who want to:

  • Immediately INCREASE business and income!
  • QUADRUPLE client referrals!
  • COMMUNICATE CONFIDENTLY with clients, patients, organizations and personal acquaintances!
  • Dramatically IMPROVE client results and responsiveness!
  • SECURE more and higher quality repeat business!

A guaranteed way to transform your effectiveness with your clients!


Persuasiveness is a critical component of all human interaction--and a huge part of what it takes to succeed as a professional. This program is perfect for you if you want to get serious about taking your private practice or business to the next level--both in terms of results and income! It is especially beneficial for people who want to create ethical 'win-win' relationships with clients, become more personally powerful and persuasive, and really hate typical approaches to selling.


After attending and applying this training, you will be able to increase your income immediately, generate new and higher quality referrals, radically increase your effectiveness, establish a solid support network, and confidently promote your services to anyone! We absolutely GUARANTEE these results.


Now you can learn from persuasion experts--professional trainers who have worked with hundreds of clients and have trained thousands of everyday people in how to communicate persuasively and naturally. These approaches have already been used in the hugely successful campaigns of a few select Fortune 500 companies and have produced astounding--and repeatable--results.


Below is just a sample of what you will learn when you attend Natural Persuasion -- Powerful Approaches to Effortless Influence.

  • The Psychology of Natural Persuasion
  • The 'Hierarchy of Influence' (This, alone, is worth the cost of the seminar!)
  • How to generate a professional presence and character that evokes confidence in every person you meet.
  • How to systematically become more attractive in all the ways that count.
  • The 'NP PLUS Model'--The tactical heart of the Natural Persuasion approach.
  • The fundamentals of conversational trance induction.
  • Precision approaches to help you promote your services--without ever sounding "salesy".
  • Techniques for creating instant rapport and crystal clear communication.
  • Strategies for creating irresistible influence with your clients.
  • How to transform resistance and work effectively with even the most difficult clients.
  • How to multiply client satisfaction and loyalty by precisely identifying what your clients are really after.
  • How to slash 'no shows' and keep clients coming back for repeat business.

You will also receive:

  • A comprehensive workbook, exercise and integration guide.
  • Additional course and 'ready reference' materials.
  • 1 FREE coaching session(when you register early).
  • A FREE subscription to our NP Special Report.

Class sizes are strictly limited, so register now for our next event!


You can also call toll free 1.630.230.8737 to speak to a representative





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